Prowler Energy Services is committed to protecting the Health and Safety of its Employees, the General Public, and the Environment.

Our equipment is designed to meet the highest level of Safety and Efficiency standards, and our team members are fully trained and certified. We are compliant with all safety guidelines and directives, and uphold our Certificate of Recognition. In addition, we have developed our own Health, Safety, and Environmental Policies as well as JSA procedures that are updated regularly to surpass governing legislation which we adhere to faithfully.

Our training …

Prowler has a systematic and ever-evolving approach to training its personnel that applies to new recruits and experienced operators.
As a minimum, this includes completion of H2S Alive, First Aid, Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS), Safety Awareness and Wellsite Supervision, Well Service & Coil Tubing BOP, and Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) training. In addition, our operators complete the Journeymen Crane certificate, and we also require that new employees complete our competency forms and encourage further continued education for all staff members.

Continual monitoring …

On an on-going basis, Prowler monitors all activities to ensure that our health, safety, and environment programs are functioning effectively and that our operations are in compliance with these policies, practices, and procedures.

Compliance with regulations …

We at Prowler strive to comply with all applicable laws and regulations and to adhere to the intent of all applicable industry guidelines, practices, and procedures. If compliance is impossible, we will promptly alert relevant authorities and work with them to establish reasonable alternatives.

We will assess the potential effects of our projects and operations, and plan our activities to prevent or reduce risks to the health and safety of our workers, the public at large, and the environment.

Further, we will consult with relevant stakeholders, including the public and governmental bodies, to enhance the communication and understanding and to respond to concerns in respect of our activities.

Prompt mitigation …

We promptly take appropriate corrective or mitigative actions to effectively address any health, safety, or environmental impacts caused by our activities.

Further, we will respond immediately to emergencies in order to protect the public, our workers, and the environment.